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Gabriella Mouzakiti

Gabriella Mouzakiti

BA (Hons) Dance 2015

Gabriella Mouzakiti is quick-stepping her way to a professional dancing career thanks to the extra performance opportunities at the University of Sunderland.

Gabriella teaches and choreographs thanks to the many projects she has thrown herself into.

The recent graduate is a leading member and coach of the dance society known as Sunderland (University) Dance Squad. Ran by students, the society competes with other Universities across the North East as far up as Edinburgh and also performs shows in aid of charity and local clubs.

She said: “Over the summer I worked with the Keep Kids Active project in Sunderland, which organises exercise events for children. I also did some voluntary work at ‘Tin Arts’ dance and arts organisation, based in Durham for children and adults with disabilities.’’

Originally from Greece, Gabriella plans to complete a PGSE (PCET) teaching training course, which will give her the necessary qualifications to pass on her skills to others.

She said: “My mother is English and she worked in the North East of England. She suggested coming here in the first place and I am so glad I followed her advice. I have found Sunderland very safe and friendly and across the region there is a strong dance community."

“At first I was quite shy but after being thrown in the deep end I came out of my shell. I now try to do as much as I can outside of my course to build up my experience, confidence and expertise. I have had tremendous support from tutors on my course and from friends I have made since starting my studies, many who I expect will be life-long friends once we leave university.

“I also volunteered as a student representative for my course. I attend open days and applicant days to talk to young people thinking about studying dance and give them the benefit of my experience.

“The University also has a musical theatre group which I signed up to. Each year the group puts on a major production and I was made Dance Captain with responsibility for making sure all the routines are professionally polished.

“I’m a completely different person from when I started here and I believe a large contributing factor has been due to getting involved in as many projects and groups as possible. There are so many extra things going on so there is no excuse not to get involved.”

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