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Cristian Virciu

Cristian Ionut Virciu

BSc (Hons) Computing 2016

Cristian has already taken his first steps on the web design ladder after graduating from the University of Sunderland in 2016.

He is now working as a User Interface (UI) designer for cybersecurity company, Nehemiah Security in their offices in Romania.

“After graduation I came back to Romania where I started working as a Junior Web Designer at leading manufacturer of electric motors, Regal Beloit Corporation. After one year I managed to transition into User Interface and User Experience design and I consider that one of my greatest recent achievements”, he explained.

The 23-year-old creates the visual design for his company product as well as basic HTML/CSS implementation.

He said: “The product is called RQ (Risk Quantifier) and delivers total visibility and actionable intelligence by testing your network exploitabilities and prioritizing technical and financial risks. I work alongside the User Experience Team and collaborate on wireframes and user flows.”

For Cristian there is no doubt that the University has played a vital role in helping him to hit the ground running.

He said: “If I was to consider my greatest achievement of all time that would be my time at University of Sunderland. It has been a truly life-changing experience for me.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the help of Dr Sheila Garfield, who was my Final Project supervisor. She provided the best guidance I could’ve asked for and that I am very thankful for.

“Also, Dr Sharon McDonald, who was my lecturer in the User Experience Design module and, through her knowledge and passion for User Experience also got me to make the decision of following a career in this field.”

He continued: “The University of Sunderland caught my eye from the very beginning. I think the things that attracted me the most were the wide range of facilities and the high rankings for student satisfaction.”

Asked about his biggest challenge, he said: “My biggest challenge to date was the beginning of my career. It was a new environment for me, but through hard work, dedication and continuous learning I managed to get myself exactly where I wanted. I am still learning every day and I strive for the best.”

His advice to recent graduates entering the job market is to never stop learning.

“I know this is very cliché, but be yourself. Be proud of what you have achieved during your time at uni and never stop learning and be a better you. Well, it worked for me, at least.” 

He concluded: “I am currently trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible and learn as much as I can. I see myself getting into a postgraduate programme in User Experience and hopefully into a PhD as well.”

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