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Where Are You Now?

Ayman AlQudah

Ayman AlQudah

MSc Information Technology 2012

Ayman AlQudah’s University of Sunderland course has taken him across the Middle East.

Ayman, who completed his Master's degree at the University’s partner college in Jordan, Yarmouk University, has wasted no time in passing on the insights he picked up by becoming a lecturer at the University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

He has also spent time developing teaching methods for Massive Open Online Courses, where he gives classes to a potentially unlimited number of students across the globe. The positive feedback  received for this,  he believes, is his greatest achievement so far.

“The first MOOC was in Web Programming, and the second one was ‘How to introduce yourself in an interview and write your Curriculum Vitae’.”

“Most of the students liked the courses and found them beneficial and that’s what I feel most proud of,” he added.

Despite his success, Ayman is quick to acknowledge the large role the University has had in his career, and praised the high standard of teaching and resources available.

He continued: “The lecturers were really helpful along with the study materials. The students were not overwhelmed with a huge load of study. In contrast, they were equipped with beneficial skills.”

For the future, the lecturer is planning to further develop his skills in MOOC teaching and further his education.

He concludes: “Mainly, I’m planning to proceed to higher education as soon as possible. Besides that, I have some plans for having more MOOCs in Computer programming fields. I think it is a good way to share knowledge and keep myself up-to-date.”

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate. 

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