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Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson

BSc Psychology 2018 

MSc Psychological Research Methods 2019

Alice works as an online instructor for the MSc Psychology online programme at the University of Sunderland. She is also preparing for her PhD in Cyberpsychology, which she will start in October 2021. 

She explained: “I facilitate online learning for students on the MSc Psychology online programme. I work alongside academics to provide module guidance, respond to student queries and provide formative feedback. I am also preparing for my PhD to start in October 2021, which seeks to develop and validate a measure of online obsession. 

Since graduating Alice has also been working at the University of Sunderland Library Services as a Library Assistant.  

I absolutely loved it. Providing help and support from a different angle in terms of resources and study skills has been a great experience and I have developed vital skills to support me when I start my PhD.  

For Alice being accepted to study her PhD at Sunderland has been one of her greatest achievements to date.  

Her biggest challenge has been managing a difficult personal life and balancing part-time work, volunteering and a degree all in one. 

She added: “Alongside a lack of confidence, everything was very challenging but the support from academic staff and my own resilience and drive to make myself proud won! 

Alice, who is the first generation in her family to go to university, was attracted to the University of Sunderland as due to personal circumstances she needed to stay local.  

She said: “I’m so glad I chose Sunderland as I had a fantastic support network offered by academics and support services within the University.  

I met some inspiring lecturers during my time at Sunderland. Vanessa Parson provided me with invaluable support and instilled confidence in myself which motivated me to succeed. She encouraged me that much, I couldn’t think of anyone more suitable to have as my Director of Studies for my PhD  

Dr Helen Knight’s passion for her modules really encouraged me to continue my own passion in research further as I looked up to her as motivation for my own career within Academia. The whole School of Psychology at Sunderland provide exceptional support and guidance to help you succeed.  

Her advice for recent graduates entering the job market is to remember that everyone’s career journey is different.  

Alice explained: “It may seem some people may have their career together quickly and you may feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Everyone is on their own journey within their career and you will get there. Although the job market may seem tough, reflect on your skills and experience evaluate what you want to do and excel yourself. Expand your network, get involved and don’t give up!  

Alice’s plans include completing her PhD and continue teaching and research as a university lecturer.  

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