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Adaeze Chime

Adaeze Chime

MSc Project Management 2014

After graduating in 2014 from the University of Sunderland, Adaeze Chime returned to her home country, Nigeria, where she now works as a Software Documentation Consultant and Application Support at Union Systems Limited in Lagos.

She explained: “I write as well as update user manuals for new applications within set timelines which are ultimately delivered to clients. I also test deployments on the development environment before eventual release on the production environment. I support users who encounter errors and assist them grasp new releases that have been deployed.”

Asked about her greatest achievement to date the Sunderland graduate replied: “It was writing a user manual for a new trade software in 2017 from scratch even though I was not present during the building process. It took approximately four months to complete that project.”

It was writing that same trade software that was one of her biggest challenges as well.

She explained: “I had to present the user manual as easily digestible as possible thereby allowing the user functional knowledge of the application in record time. I also had a strict deadline, therefore I had to employ some of the skills I had learnt during my study in Sunderland like putting in extra hours, stakeholder involvement, etc.”

Looking back on her time at St Peter’s Campus, Adaeze remembers with fondness the location by the sea and the fish and chip meals she used to get a the café in Prospect Building.

Adaeze studied alongside people from vastly different cultures and walks of life. Being able to interact with and strike friendships with fellow students from across the world was not only a personally fulfilling experience, but hugely enlightening as well.

She continued: “Lecturer Ian Ridley was particularly interesting because he knew a bit about my country and mentioned snippets during lectures. He could also be easily reached on any issue and these made me feel at home.”

Her advice to current students is to network before graduation and make use of the services the University offers such as the Students’ Union Buddies programme.

In the future, Adaeze would like to be a certificated tester and manage IT projects.

She added: “I also plan to write a book, a best seller!”

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