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Bobby Kywe

Bobby Kywe

MBA 2014

Bobby is the managing partner/ co-founder at NATH, Inc. Founded in 2008, the inception of NATH began with the provision of Quality Service Trainings and Consulting to hotel and companies in the tourism sector, in the business and marketing field and sales and customer services.

The Sunderland graduate is involved in both managerial and consulting roles based in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and shuttling between few cities in Asia. He is also an expert in designing effective university preparatory programs and curriculum that help obtain Undergraduate and Master students' admission at competitive colleges and universities worldwide.

Having lectured business courses at both Undergraduate and MBA level, Bobby has experience working as an Education Management and a Business Development consultant for service sectors and education institutes in Asia Pacific region. He is also an experienced Guidance Counselor and a certified TEFL instructor.

Bobby explains that studying his MBA at the University of Sunderland London Campus helped him to boost his confidence in decision making and managing his business.

“I chose to study MBA at University of Sunderland London Campus since it is located in London, a great lively global metropolis, and because University of Sunderland is one of UK’s most reputable universities. I enjoyed studying the MBA course offered at the University which is both challenging and an eye opener for business managers,” explains Bobby to the Alumni team.

Bobby’s advice to current students and recent graduates on how to get a foot on the career ladder is “to have a great deal of passion and interest in what you want to pursue and have enough patience to nurture the necessary skills to secure the job one is after. “Once those are in place, there is no barrier one cannot overcome - and sky’s the limit!”

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