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Gwynfryn thomas

Gwynfryn Thomas

BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering 1977

After graduating from the Sunderland Polytechnic, Gwynfryn returned to France where he has worked as engineer doing R&D for new product design. He is currently exploring new topics and making plans to generate his own income for producing novel and simple engineering solutions.

Gwynfryn still remembers what attracted him to University back then: “The chance to take the Poly Intermediate Certificate course was impossible to refuse, and I stayed on having got my A level equivalents up to standard (I failed my favourite subject, Biology, at A level, probably because I didn’t waffle enough...). The homework was arduous, but the course was mostly excellent; a first class education that I’ve never regretted.”

From his time living in the City he still recalls “the near constant cold wind, Double Maxim and Lorimer’s Scotch”, and he adds:which may be misleading as I wasn’t a big drinker.”

Gwynfryn describes as his biggest achievement having found several “one page” solutions to Fermat’s last theorem and having found some errors in accepted science facts, such as the theorem of relativity.

Gwynfryn explains:  “I’d like to publish a monograph on these proofs and try to patent applications for some of the inventions that I have worked out over the last years. I’d also like to prototype some wind turbines of my own design, as well as building some novel road vehicles.”

The Sunderland graduate advice on how to get a foot on the career ladder is: “Constantly look for new opportunities and save your best inventions to set up your own company.”

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