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Tony Weaver

Tony Weaver

BSc Pharmacy 1964

Tony Weaver has gained multi-disciplinary experience in the pharmaceutical industry over 40 years. 

Before retiring, Tony used to operate two retail pharmacies in Guernsey, Channel Islands. As chairman of the Lloyds Chemists local branch, Tony was heavily involved in the setting up of a Guernsey Pharmaceutical Scheme. 

Asked about his biggest achievement to date, the Sunderland graduate said: “In our latter years in business surviving a re-development of our main premises and re-establishing it as a viable business elsewhere in the town.”

Tony arrived to Sunderland by default, not having taking up a place at Nottingham to do Electrical Engineering. But it is a decision he has never regretted.

He still recalls Fred Oliver, the then Head of the Pharmacy department, as a major influence for him.

He said: “I enjoyed my time on DAIS (the then college newspaper), sometimes quite contentious, in the company of our Editor Doug Simpson who went on to edit the Pharmaceutical Journal when it was by Pharmacists for Pharmacists!”

Tony’s advice for current students on how to get a foot on the career ladder is: “Since Pharmacy lost its real voice at the Albert Hall meeting , which I attended, I would not dream of advising youngsters on how to cope with the current form filling and box ticking, almost totally dominated by the faceless corporate world.

“My only advice would be to try and find something that allows you to exercise your individuality and to take advantage of whatever opportunities present themselves.”

He added: “My future plans include carry on irritating the establishment and enjoying golf as long as possible.”

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