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Christine Lockerbie

Christine Lockerbie

Cert Ed Primary Education 1968

Christine Lockerbie (nee Mason) has enjoyed a distinguished career in education, working in Primary Schools in Sunderland for almost a quarter of a century.

Originally from Cheshire, she spent her working life in Sunderland, after taking the city to her heart following her move here in 1965.

While studying at the College, she stayed in the Westfield Hall Hostel, a truly life altering experience where she would form long term friendships and meet the man she would go on to marry. 

“My best memories are of Hostel accommodation for three years, food provided and just being able to get away from a small town and being able to meet new people,” she said.

“I was in the Westfield Hall Hostel the second weekend here, I met my future husband. He was David Lockerbie and was staying in Williamson Hall.

I started off in the basement room, I was put straight in with a girl from Rochdale and we ended up sharing a room for three years. I still keep in touch with her to this day.”

After graduating, Christine immediately moved into teaching, quickly finding work in the region. She remembers a very different environment to the one teachers work in now, with less structure and more freedom forcing teachers to think on the spot when working.

“I really enjoyed my career, although I’ve seen many, many changes from when I initially started,” she explained. “There was no national curriculum -  you were left to your own devices and had to come up with lesson ideas yourself. Record keeping was a simple yellow card that you only had to tick at the end of the term. Really, it has changed massively from when I first started.”

Christine still remains hugely grateful to the College for the high quality education experience that she received and for the truly unforgettable journey that her time there started.

“Just being there was the best thing in the world.”

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate.  

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