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Helen Thewlis

Helen Thewlis

BA English Studies 1993

Direct and Special Sales Manager, DK Publishing, Penguin Books

Helen Thewlis is responsible for book sales into all non-bookshop outlets throughout the UK. Helen and her team of three negotiate with national customers such as The Book People, The Works, ALDI, TK Maxx and Debenhams. 

“My post involves presenting titles to customers at meetings, new product development and always being on the lookout for new business opportunities.

“My advice to someone who wanted a career in publishing would be to be prepared to do work experience, keep up-to-date on digital developments in publishing and be prepared to start work in a bookshop.

“My degree has definitely helped me in my career. It has helped me to be able to present ideas and write copy for sales pitches. It also gave me a very good grounding in literature, which is essential for a career in publishing.”

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