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Shelby writing her own future with ITV

Joana Januseviciute

For Shelby Brown, the Futures Fund was her ticket to the high-profile world of the ITV studios.

Shelby, a level two PR student, received a £400 Opportunity Scholarship to take up a two week placement at the television giant’s London HQ.

During her time there, Shelby worked to develop a variety of PR-related skills, including writing press releases, transcribing interviews and cutting clips for media preview, with some of her work even being broadcast on The Jonathan Ross Show.

In addition, she gained a fantastic insight into how ITV favourite This Morning was made through an all-access tour and was given the opportunity to work alongside the production team on ITV’s comedy panel show Safeword.

The placement provided Shelby with all-important experience for her CV, a string of new and valuable contacts and the possibility of further work with the company in the future.

And Shelby was left in no doubt as to how much of a part the Futures Fund played in enabling her to work there.

“I was delighted to secure a placement at a big company like ITV, but then I started looking at the prices and costs of London, so I applied to the Futures Fund.” She said.

“The Fund helped me so much when it came to travel expenses. I genuinely don’t think I’d have been able to complete the placement without it.”

In a competitive marketplace, Shelby gained some key experience and has already been asked to return to ITV in the summer.

She added: “It’s a hard industry to break into, but I’m pleased to say that ITV have asked me back. I’m looking to go back there for another placement around August.”   

Shelby found her time at the studio hugely productive and has advised anyone interested on going on a placement outside of the North East to seriously consider applying to the Futures Fund.

“The Futures Fund has really made a difference. It’s enabled me to go on a life-changing opportunity and convinced me that this is definitely the right career I want to pursue after I graduate.”

Article written by Matthew Shevlin, University of Sunderland Journalism graduate. 

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