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Matthew is driving his Future

Matthew Murphy

A Sunderland engineer is hoping to take up pole position in the motorsport industry, thanks to a turbo boost from the Futures Fund.

Matthew Murphy, 24, from Hartlepool, is studying MSc Mechanical Engineering student and has secured a full-time job with a globally renowned British sports car manufacturer Ginetta Cars.

The Futures Fund is now open to applications up to £2,500. The Fund offers scholarships, money you don't pay back and is non-means tested - to help enhance your educational experience:

  • Opportunity Scholarships of up to £750
  • Excellence Scholarships of up to £2,000
  • Graduate Development Scholarships of up to £2,500

Matthew has now started a full-time position as a Junior Engine Builder at Ginetta Cars, a specialist builder of racing and sports cars based in Leeds and hopes to build on the opportunities there to get into design engineering.

He says: “The scholarship has allowed me to further enhance my knowledge in 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Engineering) packages which will, in turn, look better to employers when I apply. Especially Formula One teams!

​​​​​​​“I am currently in the middle of completing a full refresh of a G40 Junior engine, in the future, I am looking to be designing components for cars in development.”

Alongside his studies Matthew indulged his passion for motor racing by getting involved with the University’s motorsport team, Formula Student.

“My time in formula student helped me develop a greater perception of what is required when working in motorsports. It also gave me a better idea of which area I'd like to work in within motorsport.

“Whether it's working on the car tweaking setup or designing a new chassis. Formula student definitely gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your skills not only at the competition but to employers once you have graduated.”

He explained that taking the time to fill in the DOSH application was well worth it, and encourages others to do the same:

“Don't let the application put you off! The hour you put into writing a solid application will eventually pay dividends.”

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