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Futures Fund Case Study: Jana Alidon

Jana Alidon

Jana Alidon was selected to take part in the first ever exchange programme between the University of Sunderland and Kibi International University in Japan.

The experience saw Jana living and studying in Japan for almost three months. The main purpose of her visit was to give Sunderland’s TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) students who are interested in teaching in Japan, a chance to study there.

A £500 award aided Jana’s travelling and living expenses, from there she was able to carry out English language observations, improve her language competency, the experience supported her personal development and growth, offered her career opportunities, and she was able to act as an ambassador of behalf of the University of Sunderland.

KIU focuses on foreign language studies, the courses the students take are mainly English language classes.  Jana, 21, from Teesside, said: “The main purpose of studying in Japan was related to my course TESOL, as it offered opportunities of observing how English language lessons are taught in international  universities such as KIU.

“From this I was able to interact with students by getting involved in activities, assisting the teachers and sometimes explaining certain terms and customs in England.

“I received helpful advice and support from experienced English teachers. This was an experience that tested my skills and abilities to teach and gradually gain confidence in every lesson I taught. Moreover it has been challenging, interesting and enjoyable to teach and meet incredible students and staff.”

As a result of these experiences, Jana said: “I have become more independent and gained more confidence in my ability to adjust to a new environment – vital skills to possess in my journey to teaching English abroad.”

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