Pamela Bako – Agile business in Nigeria

Pamela Bako

Pamela graduated in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Computer System Engineering and then she went on to complete an MSc in Management Information Systems. She is now IT consultant and the CEO of Made-in-Kaduna, based in Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja.

The 27-year old said: “I work with the evaluation and design department as an IT consultant. I started at Sunderland with the hope of just getting my degree and leaving but I ended up taking my Masters, thanks to Dr Susan Jones, Gary Unthank and my mentor Ian Ridley.

“Those three people really impacted on my life. Susan told me I can be who I want to be, all it takes is me believing in myself. I learned so much. The Agile Scrum I used for my final dissertation is what I still use today at work to improve the relationship between teams.”

She also helps young entrepreneurs from Kaduna state through her organisation Made-in-Kaduna. 

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