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Alumni Achiever of the Year 2017

Jonathon Riall

Jonathon Riall, Alumni Achiever of the Year Award 2015.

Grammie Fraser

Graham Fraser, Alumni Achiever of the Year Award 2016.

The Alumni Achiever of the Year Award is back and we want your nominations!

Are you a graduate or do you know any graduate of the University of Sunderland who you think deserves this title and can be recognised for their achievements since leaving the Institution? If so, why not apply/nominate them for the Alumni Achiever of the Year Award 2017. 

The aim of the award is to recognise and reward an outstanding member of our Alumni Association. 

Nominees must be alumni of the University of Sunderland or its predecessor institutions* and should exhibit outstanding, noteworthy achievement in at least one of the following areas: 

  • Professional success demonstrated by notable career achievements and/or;
  • Extraordinary community involvement and/or;
  • Excellent service to the University in the following: service in alumni programmes, on advisory committees, student recruitment, internships, mentoring and job placement, and through efforts made to ensure the welfare of the institution and/or;
  • Promoting the Alumni Association, organising class reunions and participating in career networking programs. 

*Including: Sunderland Technical College, Sunderland Art College, Sunderland Teacher Training College and Sunderland Polytechnic. 

To be eligible for nomination, alumni do not have to be working in the particular discipline from which they graduated.

Methods of nomination

Nominations may be made for the Alumni Achiever of the Year Award by any of the following individuals or groups:

  • Any staff member of the University of Sunderland
  • Any member of an affiliate or support organization of the University
  • Any University of Sunderland former student
  • Any friend of the University of Sunderland
  • Alumni may nominate themselves

Nominations should be made in writing using our nomination form available HERE. Deadline for nominations is Friday 27th October 2017.


The winner will be presented with their award at the University's winter graduation ceremonies. 

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